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Vinayak GPS is a GPS based Web Application that works with Many Satellites Floating in Space to Track Your Vehicles - People - Mobile.

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Tracking for Dependants

Personal Tracking

Similarly in a Increasing hectic world it is difficult to be everywhere, from the

demands at work or the dependants at home, But with VinayakGPS at least you can be sure where they are and what are they doing. The VinayakGPS Personal Tracking solution allows tracking as well as covert monitoring. What is more it can help monitor the loved ones including but not limited to Kids, Teenagers, Elderly Parents and Pets.

VinayakGPS P-Tracker generates reports and can also supports Geo Fencing tools and can immediately Alert on any activity outside predefined

geographic boundaries. Personal tracking can also be a vital tool for watching out for staff performing Vital but Dangerous duties

Essential Care Industry

vital part in our lives everyday. The role of the Security Department, Healthcare or the Emergency Services cannot be ignored by both Private Citizens and the Government.