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Vinayak GPS is a GPS based Web Application that works with Many Satellites Floating in Space to Track Your Vehicles - People - Mobile.

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Heavy Industries

VinayakGPS Applications & Industries

Heavy Equipment

From Garbage Management to Construction and Construction Material to Infrastructure Industries, All Heavy equipment and machinery comes at a premium. Especially since this

Heavy Equipment is rented on an hourly basis. The VinayakGPS solution helps track the heavy machinery and automatically triggers alerts when the equipment reaches a client site eliminating inaccurate Logs. Equipment Security is another major concern for companies that store or park heavy equipment along the Roads or at construction sites.

Using VinayakGPS alerts will be triggered if the equipment is started and or switched Off once again eliminating unauthorized activity.

Essential commodities Oil & Milk Tankers

The Oil, water, Milk and other Industries dealing with essential commodities are constantly under pressure regarding On time Supply, this supply chain can never be broken and every little driver diversion costs Loss both in revenue, business and Public ire.