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Vinayak GPS is a GPS based Web Application that works with Many Satellites Floating in Space to Track Your Vehicles - People - Mobile.

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Read more how GPS Technology can help you SAVE Money - SAVE Time - FULL Security.

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GPS Technology can help you SAVE Money - SAVE Time - FULL Security.

Why VinayakGPS is not just important but essential for you

Reduce Security Expenses Locate Lost Vehicles Achieve Higher Loading Efficiency
Lower Insurance Cost Locate High-Value Cargo Quickly Route Vehicles more Effectively
Improve Driver Behavior Implement Paperless Reporting Reduce Speeding
Schedule Preventative Maintenance RPM Meters & Efficiency reporting Provide Additional Services

VinayakGPS combines the latest GPS technology with two-way, GSM communications to deliver a Stable & comprehensive On- Line solution that improves Vehicle and Field Worker Productivity, Efficiency and Security Anywhere in the world.

Immediate Plug & Play Tracking

With VinayakGPS you are not required to install an entire system.

GPS signals are impervious to most electrical noise sources

Only a matchbox sized VinayakGPS receiver to collect signals from the satellite is installed in each vehicle An active GSM connection (SIM Card) with GPRS to communicate this collected location data with our Server.

Central Idea

Special applications of VinayakGPS Automatic Vehicle Locater

Vehicle Tracking helps you reduce operating costs and boosts productivity.

In Land Security & Large Corporations

For Specialized Oil & Milk Industry, Intercity Bus Services etc for the first time in India by Rajkot, Gujarat Based Vehicle Tracking Company VinayakGPS