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Vinayak GPS is a GPS based Web Application that works with Many Satellites Floating in Space to Track Your Vehicles - People - Mobile.

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The VinayakGPS School Parent Child System

City Bus , School Bus


In India

The School Bus system is always under the scanner. While earlier School Bus were not easy to spot as they came in many different colors shapes and sizes now they are easily recognized and often identified as prime TRAFFIC RULE VIOLATIONS or for poor Driver Attitude. Schools have had to transform from Institutes of Learning and reinvent themselves as Military Like Administrative bodies.

Lapses accepted elsewhere are seldom forgiven when attributed to Schools.

Similarly PARENTS rarely know if the School Bus is on time, Morning Times are the Busiest for most mothers and letting the child on his own is often not an safe option. Not to forget the Time Squeeze when the School Bus Breaks down and no Information is available.

Drivers too are blamed for delays that are more to do with Late Comers and Harangued ADMINISTRATORS are often regaled with poor their Drivers Formula One Tendencies

Not to forget how Senior School Kids often Goof Off, and No One Knows

It is with this collective backdrop that VinayakGPS addressed the need for Effective Management tool that Satisfies all.

VinayakGPS introduces 3Point School Bus ID System. School-Parent-Child. (V-SBS)

V-SBS Features

VinayakGPS SBS Product Package

We can also provide Parents a Alternative Password to display their wards vehicle Themselves or HOTLINE.

How it Works

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