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Vinayak GPS is a GPS based Web Application that works with Many Satellites Floating in Space to Track Your Vehicles - People - Mobile.

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Shri.VinayakGPS is the Brand Name of Shri Vinayak Fleet Services P ltd. VinayakGPS is a Personal and Vehicle Tracking Solution. We are a one stop shop for Both Web Tracking Solution and its Hardware. India is the Capital of Software and VinayakGPS advanced services gives it an edge in World Transport & Commuter Management Systems.

About Us

We are an Gujarat Based enabling Company in the Business of providing Users all over India and the World, Efficient and Affordable Hardware & Software Solutions for everyday Dispatch, Commuting.

Our Mission

Many Departments One System.

VinayakGPS is best applied to Save its User Time, Money, Fuel, Management, Administration and Accounts in a all in one Web Systems.


VinayakGPS is special in that it is not a plain Vanilla Tracking Application but offers Advanced Products in


VinayakGPS offers a wide range of Instruments. It works only with Certified Suppliers. VinayakGPS offer our Users any and all desired products on offer in the International Market and More.

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Vehicle Tracking is an Important Tool to increase Vehicle Productivity At the same time reduce Third Party dependency. Be it your Accountant, Driver or in case of Fleets Transport Manager's Log Sheets.

In case of Theft VinayakGPS Vehicle Security gives an instant "Theft" Alert, even from the disabled Unit; helping to track the Vehicle to within 5 Meters. Dispatcher may also Switch Off the Vehicle Remotely, Lock Unlock doors, blow Siren, Blow Horn all of this remotely irrespective of the distance.

Similarly Personal Pocket Tracking Units from VinayakGPS are Critical for Children, Pets, Sales Executives, Security Personal, Field Staff, Visitors to a sensitive Factory and more.

In Case of Taxis VinayakGPS offers Standard Fare Meters uniquely integrated to display Owners and their Dispatchers the