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Vinayak GPS is a GPS based Web Application that works with Many Satellites Floating in Space to Track Your Vehicles - People - Mobile.

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Spectacular GPS Technology

What is GPS?

As most of already know GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System, but how does global positioning really work? The Global Positioning System is a satellite-based navigation system, consisting of more than 20 satellites and several supporting ground facilities, which provides accurate, three-dimensional position, velocity, and time, 24 hours a day, everywhere in the world, and in all weather conditions. The Global Positioning system consists of three main components:

1. GPS Ground control stations.

2. GPS satellites.

3. GPS receivers

The ground stations send control signals to the GPS satellites, The GPS satellites transmit radio signals and the GPS receivers, receive these signals and use it to calculate its position. Why should you use a GPS receiver? GPS receivers will become as commonplace as cell phones, very soon! There are two ways of using the GPS services,

1. Navigation and

Get to your destination on time. Have confidence when traveling - no more wondering which way, left or right.

2. Tracking

Besides all benefits of Navigation it is much more versatile and updateable. Tracking can be used for Personal , Material , Pets and/or Vehicle